What We Do

Did you know that we were the group who lead the way with the Statewide Recruitment Initiative, or the BLS CPAP program? Or the work that we do to improve our region's preparedness and that we've coordinated two deployments of resources from our region for Katrina, then Gustav. Our region is made up of some new faces, and some very seasoned personnel. Our office is no different. We have some individuals you've dealt with for decades and we have great new staff also.

We don't talk much about our organization, as we have created a culture of putting you first. Our region has been impacted by several line of duty deaths, the Nickel Mines School shooting, and TMI. However, it never ceases to amaze everyone that the providers and our staff working together seem to always handle the events professionally with an overflow of compassion. We stick together when it matters. As we live in this area, we have a personal stake in meeting our mission statement.