For Providers

We define Professional the same way you do while operating in the back of an ambulance. By being efficient, by not compromising, and by handling whatever is before us, while anticipating what is ahead. Being efficient does not mean taking shortcuts, or to compromise. Being efficient means doing what needs to be done with a finely honed skill of not wasting motion, with an eye toward what comes next, and with the knowledge of doing it right means not doing it over. Not compromising means doing it right every time, even when it's hard.

The EHSF is here to ensure you have the information, guidance, and assistance to meet the demands of being an Emergency Medical Service Professional. At times it can seem complicated, but we are your partner to deal with the day to day business of EMS, as well as preparing for “the big one.”

This page leads you to resources for EMS Providers to assist in certification and operations!