What is the difference between the EMS Registry and the TRAIN website?

The EMS Registry https://ems.health.state.pa.us/ is the database owned by the PA Department of Health to track your con-ed credits and certification. Certified EMS Providers can verify their information by creating an account, then visiting the site as often as they like.

The TRAIN website www.train.org is the website providers can use to take online con-ed courses.

How many credits do I have, or still need for recertification?

You can log into EMS registry at: https://ems.health.state.pa.us/ and verify this information on your own. 

*If you do not have an account, go to: https://ems.health.state.pa.us/ and simply create an account on the left side of the page by clicking “new user”

How can I reset my password on the website?

If you are in the EMS Registry (https://ems.health.state.pa.us) follow the prompts for “forgot password”.

If you are in TRAIN (www.train.org) follow the prompts for “forgot name/password”.

I cannot find where the PA courses are in “Pa TRAIN”?

Once you are logged into Train you can find the PA courses by going to the search box on the right side top of the page and typing in “Pa-EMS”.

Where can I find EMSVO credits?

There are two courses in PA Train for you to use as con-ed “Emergency Driving” and “Emergency Vehicle Operations”

All EMS agencies were issued a set of DVDs with training courses from VFIS. 
You can watch one or more of these videos, and send verification to coned@ehsf.org, or fax it to 717-774-6163. Please make sure the class title and course number(if applicable) are printed on the document, along with your full name, EMS certification number and the date of course completion.

If you have taken EVOC or another driver training program send the completion certificate and a course outline/syllabus to coned@ehsf.org and we will advise how many credits the course will receive.
As with all courses, never assume we won’t accept it, you don’t know until you ask.  

How do I know you received my con-ed verification I sent in?

Please allow 2-3 weeks to process. If you call the same day, we will not be able to verify for you. After 3 weeks log in https://ems.health.state.pa.us/ to confirm your con-ed credits are showing accurately.

When do I need to amend my EMS Agency license? 

The State EMS Rules and Regulations require a licensure amendment when there is a change to your operation, including:
• Change in management/officers
• Change in key contact information (phone numbers).
• Change in the type of services, (i.e. BLS Agency to an ALS agency)
• Addition/deletion of locations
• Addition/deletion of vehicles 
• Change of agency Medical Director

Do we need to bring our EMS Vehicle to your office for an inspection? 

You may, but it is not necessary. Simply email or call us and we will come to you at an agreed upon day and time (usually within a few days).