EMS Motto/Logo Contest during COVID-19 Pandemic

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The United States and the world are being confronted with the worst pandemic in modern history. In the normal spirit of EMS, we are called to the front lines risking our personal safety to provide life-saving skills for our individual communities. In this time of darkness, we are the light for many who suffer from every day injuries and illness, as well as COVID-19.

During this time of tribulation and personal sacrifice, we are hoping to obtain a simple message and logo that can be used as a reference point of inspiration for EMS, our first responders, and our community.

We have identified approximately 9 criteria used for the winning logo and motto. There is a very short turnaround time for submission because time truly is of the essence.

Your efforts toward creating a common means of confronting, recognizing, and overcoming this pandemic will be forever remembered by all in our collective communities. To encourage participation, there will be a $250 cash prize awarded to the winning motto and logo.

In the situation where there is a great motto and logo, that dollar amount will be split between the two persons. This is to encourage the motto and logo work synchronously with a common theme.

We envisioned this project to encourage solidarity among first responders in the community as we fight to win the battle against COVID-19. We hope to proudly display the winning motto and logo on homes and vehicles to enhance community awareness and support of EMS.

If you wish to participate, you can send your motto/logo submission to operations@ehsf.org by Friday, April 6, 2020 at 2359 hours.