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Emergency Health Services Federation Directory

The staff at the Emergency Health Services Federation is here to help our providers, agencies, and partners. Below you can see the roles and responsibilities of each staff person.

  • Picture of Steve
    What you do speaks so loudly, others can't hear what you say.

    C. Steven Lyle

    Executive Director
  • Cathy Spangler
    Has a love for her cats and farmette!

    Catherine M. Spangler

    Director of Administrative Services
  • Megan Ruby
    Life's at ease with an ocean breeze!

    Megan A. Ruby

    Deputy Director
  • Dr. Reihart
    For too many babies their final resting place was the parents' bed. Parental co-sleeping kills!

    Michael J. Reihart, DO, FACEP

    Regional Medical Director
  • Thomas Alsted
    Please welcome Tom to the EHSF team!

    Thomas H. Alsted

    Emergency Preparedness Coordinator
  • Brittney Fuhrman
    Please welcome Brittney to EHSF!

    Brittney Fuhrman

    Public Health Specialist
  • Violet's photo
    Please welcome Violet to the EHSF team!

    Violet DeStefano

    Public Health Specialist
  • photo coming soon
    Please welcome Ian to the EHSF!

    Ian M. Donat

    Administrative Services Coordinator
  • Matthew Kratz
    A diamond is merely a lump of coal that did well under pressure!!

    Matthew T. Kratz

    System Specialist
  • Allyson
    Please welcome Allyson to the EHSF team!

    Allyson J. Cutaiar

    Operations Coordinator
  • Jonathan Carolla
    Please welcome Jonathan to the EHSF team!

    Jonathan P. Carolla

    Education Specialist
  • Sydney Overmiller
    Please welcome Sydney to EHSF team!

    Sydney A. Overmiller

    Program Coordinator
  • Kim Herskowitz
    Please welcome Kim to EHSF!

    Kimberly E. Herskowitz

    Program Coordinator