2020 EMSIBs

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EMSIB 2020-01 Novel coronavirus 2019-nCoV 190.94 KB
EMSIB 2020-02 Infection Control 514.2 KB
EMSIB 2020-03 2020 PA DOH AEMT Protocol Update 32.07 KB
EMSIB 2020-04 Changes to the EMS Vehicle, Equipment, and Supply Requirements 76.84 KB
EMSIB 2020-05a Issued Regulatory Exceptions to the Lapse of Registration Process 152.89 KB
EMSIB 2020-05b Lapse of Registration TRAIN PA Core Content Breakdown 281.32 KB
EMSIB 2020-06 Covid-19 Policy and Protocol Updates 128.76 KB
EMSIB 2020-07 Alternate Pathway for Psychomotor Testing 46.48 KB
EMSIB 2020-08 Issued Extension to EMS Certification Expiration Dates 99.29 KB
EMSIB 2020-09 Out of State EMS Agencies 27.23 KB
EMSIB 2020-10 EMS Providers Obtaining Nasopharyngeal Swabs 29.3 KB
EMSIB 2020-11 Level I EMS Staffing Exceptions 97.56 KB
EMSIB 2020-12 PCR Data Collection for Exemptions Outlined in EMSIB 2020-11 20.05 KB
EMSIB 2020-13 Alternatives to Nebulized Bronchodilators During COVID-2019 43.36 KB
EMSIB 2020-14 COVID-2019 Lapse of Registration Regulatory Exception 57.48 KB
EMSIB 2020-15 Signatures on Transfer of Care Forms 15.57 KB
EMSIB 2020-16 PPE Reminders 161.84 KB
EMSIB 2020-17 Temporary Statewide BLS Non-Transport of Patients with Suspected COVID-19 50.66 KB
EMSIB 2020-18 Cardiac Arrest Treatment by EMS in a Patient with Suspected COVID-19 121.75 KB
EMSIB 2020-19 Revised Interim Guidance for Cardiac Arrest Treatment by EMS in a Patient with Suspected COVID-19 164.09 KB
EMSIB 2020-20 Use of Out of State EMS Providers 101.59 KB
EMSIB 2020-21 Statewide ALS Protocol Updates Including Interim COVID-19 Treatment Changes 130 KB
EMSIB 2020-22 Guidance to EMS Educational Entities 65.92 KB
EMSIB 2020-23 Changes to EMS Agency Licensure Inspection Process 109.62 KB
EMSIB 2020-24 AEMT Protocol Implementation Extension 34.02 KB
EMSIB 2020-25 Additional Extension of CPR Expiration Dates 33.75 KB
EMSIB 2020-26 PPE Reminders 112.01 KB
EMSIB 2020-27 Act 17 of 2020 BLS Ambulance Staffing Exceptions 34.03 KB
EMSIB 2020-28 Changes to BLS Psychomotor Examination 33.91 KB
EMSIB 2020-29 Additional Extension of CPR Expiration Dates 35.05 KB
EMSIB 2020-30 Trauma Center Update 36.29 KB
EMSIB 2020-31 EMS Participation in Mass Vaccination 34.14 KB

2018 EMSIBs

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2018-01 mRACE Educational Program 107.34 KB
2018-02 Updated Naloxone Standing Order 230 KB
2018-03 Naloxone Leave Behind 367.16 KB
2018-04 FBI Clearance Service Codes Information 79.87 KB
2018-05 Naloxone Leave Behind Survey 278.85 KB
E2018-06 MS Agency NEMSIS Compliance Update 59.02 KB
2018-07 Updated CCT and Air Ambulance Transport Approved Educational Programs 81.38 KB
2018-07b List of Updates CCT and Air Ambulance Transport Approved Educational Programs 192.77 KB
2018-08 Statewide ALS Protocol Update 102.55 KB
2018-09 Approved and Required Medications List Clarification 109.63 KB
2018-10 BLS Agency Survey of Voluntary Naloxone Participation 241.72 KB
2018-11 Statewide Recognized CPR Programs 866.68 KB
2018-12 Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) Courses (Non-Department of Health) 405.04 KB
2018-13 Out-of-State EMS Providers EMS Educational Institute Clinical and Field Experience 339.92 KB
2018-14 Revisions to Required Autoinjectors for BLS Services Participating in Optional Epinephrine Autoinjector Program 29.66 KB
2018-15 Stop the Bleed App 157.81 KB
2018-16 Tourniquet Quantities 20.39 KB
2018-17 Ground Ambulances Supporting Air Ambulance Operations 23.52 KB
2018-18 CCT Air Protocol-Use of Department Approved Agency Air Medical Protocols 29.42 KB
2018-19 EMS Licensure Application Registry 193.15 KB
2018-20 Agency Expired Proividers Wanting to Reinstate 33.69 KB
2018-21 Direct Pay Notice of Form Publication 39.95 KB
2018-22 PPE and Responder Safety 850.53 KB
2018-23 Crediting EMR Stations to EMT Psychomotor 17.95 KB
2018-24 NREMT National Continued Competency Program NCCP 38.96 KB
2018-25 Approval of Law Enforcement K-9 Continuing Education Courses 37.74 KB

2017 EMSIB

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The Department communicates with EMS agencies and providers through EMS Information Bulletins to clarify administrative processes. Here you will find EMS Information Bulletins from 2017.