EMS Motto/Logo Contest during COVID-19 Pandemic

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The United States and the world are being confronted with the worst pandemic in modern history. In the normal spirit of EMS, we are called to the front lines risking our personal safety to provide life-saving skills for our individual communities. In this time of darkness, we are the light for many who suffer from every day injuries and illness, as well as COVID-19.

During this time of tribulation and personal sacrifice, we are hoping to obtain a simple message and logo that can be used as a reference point of inspiration for EMS, our first responders, and our community.

Temporary BLS Protocol 932 - Temporary Statewide BLS Non-Transport of Patients with Suspected COVID-19

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Temporary BLS Protocol 932 - No Transport for Suspected COVID-19 Patients

The Bureau of EMS released EMSIB 2020-17 Temporary Statewide BLS Non-Transport of Patients with Suspected COVID-19. This will look very similar to the EMS Triage Tool for COVID-19, we have been using in our region previously. However, there are some changes.

Included on this page, you will find links for the following:

Coronavirus Update

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The EHSF staff continues to closely monitor and respond to the evolving coronavirus (COVID-19) challenges. We take great care to align all recommendations from our office with state and federal guidance and resources. We are attempting to communicate frequently, while also making every attempt to reduce redundant communications We are involved in daily conference calls, and will provide a weekly summary update for all stakeholders.

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2020-03-12 EHSF Coronavirus Update 640.58 KB
Coronavirus Screening Tool Used by 9-1-1 Centers throughout EHSF 2.78 MB
Donning and Doffing PPE 2.85 MB
Safety for EMS Providers 289.21 KB
2020-03-17 EHSF Coronavirus Update 726 KB
EMSIB 2020-06 Covid-19 Policy and Protocol Updates 128.76 KB
BLS Protocols with Update to 931 Influenza-like Illness 2.27 MB
QRS Guidance 2020-03-19 690.56 KB
EMS Agency Guidance 2020-03-19 727.95 KB
Just in Time Training Links 2020-03-20 598.4 KB
Guidance for Cleaning Motorola Radios 131.15 KB
Guidance for Cleaning Harris Radios 195.97 KB
Fact Sheet for the General Public 199.71 KB
Updated Guidance for Discontinuing Home Isolation 171.54 KB
2020-03-20 EHSF Coronavirus Update 745.34 KB
2020-03-24 EHSF Coronavirus Update 728.87 KB
2020-03-27 EHSF Coronavirus Update 729.8 KB
2020-03-31 EHSF Coronavirus Update 724.01 KB
CMS Flexibilities for Reimbursement 197.52 KB
2020-04-03 EHSF Coronavirus Update 788.46 KB
Stroke Patients during COVID19 146.97 KB
PPE is Key for Provider Safety Flyer 207.15 KB
2020-04-07 EHSF Coronavirus Update 736.79 KB
Ambulance Decontamination and AeroClave Request 815.61 KB
2020-04-09 EHSF Coronavirus Update 793.52 KB
2020-04-13 EHSF Coronavirus Update 881.26 KB
2020-04-17 EHSF Coronavirus Update 718.89 KB
2020-04-21 EHSF Coronavirus Update 719.08 KB
How to Reduce Exposure to COVID-19 while Working 736.2 KB
2020-04-23 EHSF Coronavirus Update 930.49 KB
Respsonsibility of Hospitals to Notify First Responders of Confirmed COVID-19 Transport Cases 149.46 KB
2020-04-25 EHSF Coronavirus Update 782.39 KB
2020-04-30 EHSF Coronavirus Update 723.35 KB
2020-05-06 EHSF Coronavirus Update 762.01 KB
2020-05-07 EHSF Coronavirus Update 739.88 KB